• What services do you offer? +

    At Liquid 8 Pawn we offer three basic services: We make loans based on collateral ( Pawns ), we buy items of value, and we cash checks.
  • What is a "Pawn"? +

    A "Pawn" is a collateral based loan. This means you bring us something of value, we find out what it's worth, and give you a loan based on it's overall value. This loan in Florida is for 30 days.
  • What are your check cashing fees? +

    We cash Government, Payroll, and Personal checks up to $995.00. $5 fee for checks $100 and under. 5% fee for checks over $100.
  • What payments methods do you accept? +

    We accept CASH, Visa, and MasterCard at the Store. Online we accept PayPal.
  • What shipping options do you offer? +

    Items purchased in the store can be shipped based on the customers desire and negotiated at the time of purchase. Online purchases are mainly handled through USPS unless otherwise noted.
  • What will you buy? +

    Almost anything of value. Your best bet is to bring what you want to sell in. We can tell you then if we are interested, and how much we can give you.
  • What additional services are available? +

    We can assist in helping you get Jewelry repaired, Computers repaired, and some Musical Instruments as well. We also can clean your Jewelry!
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